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  The Forbes Travel Guide recently published their list of the Top 12 Destinations of 2017 and Colombia has another high-profile travel recommendation as a result. The list, which focuses on cities and only includes 3 other non-North American cities, names Colombia’s capital as one of their best destination cities for this year. With more and […]

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Debo confesar que cuando salió la oportunidad de viajar a Bogotá con Avianca (ver video completo aqui) no me sentí tan feliz como uno pensaría (Por fa no se pongan bravos conmigo… esto mejora ;)). Sobre mí estaba cayendo la mega responsabilidad de ser la anfitriona de un capítulo de 3 Travel Blogger en mi […]

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  Colombia travel has changed dramatically over the 5-or-so years that we’ve been working as a Colombia travel blog – back in 2011 when we started blogging about this country most people travelling in Colombia were here backpacking, taking their time and moving around the country for at least 2-4 weeks at a time, often with […]

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  Colombia isn’t really famous for it’s food and drink around the world: the true ‘foodie paradise’ destination tags go to South-East Asian countries, Mediterranean destinations, and Latin American countries like Peru and Mexico. When people think of ‘foodie travel’ Colombia is rarely on the tip of their tongues. This is partly fair and partly […]