5 more amazing Day Trips from Bogotá

  Click here for our original Top 5 Day Trips from Bogotá We’ve been saying it for years here at the Colombia Travel Blog: Bogotá is more than just museums, restaurants and culture…I mean, it is all those things (very much so), but the capital of Colombia has way more to offer than just 2 nights/3 days, in and […]

Bogota’s 10 Most Haunted Places: Colombian Halloween Special

  Colombia’s Top 5 Scariest Mythological Characters Top 5 Spooky Colombian Myths and Legends It would stand to reason that there are hundreds of legends throughout Bogota of ghostly happenings and chilling hauntings; the country has been through many years of wars and violence – exactly the sort of thing that tends to inspire ghost stories […]

Top 5 Must Eats in Bogota

  This is a guest post by the author of Bogota-based food blog ‘Bogota Foodie‘, Loon Lio. Loon is originally from Brisbane in Australia, where he quit his office job in 2009 to follow his passion and eat/travel the world! He has ended up living in Colombia where he blogs about food and leads off-the-beaten-track […]

How to Blend in with the Locals in Bogotá

This is a guest post by Jade Longelin, author of the blog Bogotastic (find out more about Jade at the bottom of the post)… You have just arrived in the capital and have mapped out all the things to see in Bogotá, including the main tourist attractions, the best eats in town, and the most […]

José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, Bogotá

  As this past Monday was a holiday here in Colombia (as it seems every other weekend is sometimes!) I decided not to sit around sleeping off the inevitable novelty-Sunday-party hangover, but do some research for this blog instead (so professional!), and enjoy a day at one of Bogota’s most beautiful tourist attractions; the José Celestino […]

Top 5 Indie Coffee Shops in Bogota

  Last week, I wrote a post about the growing specialty coffee culture in Colombia. But the real question is: “Where can I experience this?” If, like me, you are looking not just for a mind-blowing cup of coffee (because, let’s face it, sometimes I can’t tell much more than that it tastes like great […]

Top 5 Sunny Escapes from Bogota

  Well, it seems the Bogota weather curse has returned with a vengeance! After what seemed like months of pretty respectable weather by the Colombian capital’s standards, the rain is falling in buckets again. I’d almost forgotten what it was like walking down the hill for a coffee and coming back with the bottom of […]

Wildlife in Colombia: Where to watch birds in Bogota

  Colombia is becoming increasingly well-known for it’s incredible ecotourism and wildlife-watching opportunities, as travelers flock to the country to enjoy watching humpback whales, pink river dolphins and over 1,900 species of bird. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t need to head hundreds of miles outside the cities to […]

Bogota Sunday Markets: Top 5

  Bogota is a great city for tourists; filled with world-class museums, classic colonial architecture, creative and unusual tours, and surrounded by amazing hiking and climbing, Colombia’s capital is a great place to spend a few days on your visit to the country. It’s also the place to be on a Sunday, when the city’s […]