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Lonely Planet names Colombia 2nd best country to visit in 2017



In yet another huge boost for Colombia’s burgeoning tourism industry, Lonely Planet, the world’s largest and perhaps most respected travel guide, has named the country the 2nd best country to visit in 2017. Whilst Colombia regularly features on the the ‘Top 10’ list of major newspapers and magazines, this is probably the most significant endorsement yet from a reputable and well-respected travel expert such as Lonely Planet.

As the only South American country on the list (and second only to Canada on the overall list), this marks a huge stamp of approval for Colombia and its tourism industry, particularly in the wake of the potentially damaging fallout from the recent peace plebiscite, and major Colombian newspapers, as well as the government itself, have been sharing the news across social media and in the pages of the nation’s press.


Why visit Colombia? – “21 reasons why you have to visit Colombia in 2017”


Lonely Planet notes the country’s lack of “world wonders” (*ahem* something we’ve been saying for a few years now), but then describes Colombia as a “mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitality is a rich tapestry woven by welcoming arms,” which is enjoying a “dramatic about-face” after “[d]ecades of civil war and violent crime meant Colombian passport stamps were once for hardcore travellers only.” You can read the full entry about Colombia on the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017 page.

Colombia’s magic and incredible travel potential is something we’ve been banging on about for years here at the Colombia Travel Blog, but it’s great to see more and more recognition for our adopted homeland by major travel companies such as Lonely Planet – and it’s surely only a matter of time before we see Colombia in the No. 1 spot!  


The Best of Colombia
No. 2 for many good reasons!


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35 thoughts on “Lonely Planet names Colombia 2nd best country to visit in 2017

    Russell on

    I travelled to Colombia several times for work so took my wife for a week in cartegena. We are a well travelled family and this is by far the most beautiful place we’ve been. I’d recommend it to anyone


    Dave on

    Meet my wife in Cali in 1988, feel in love with both her and the country. Going for a visit next week.


    Glen Galindo on

    COLOMBIA is beautiful! and with a good host it’s more than beautiful; it becomes your second home! Visit us at http://www.MingaHouse.org I visited Colombia once, and it never left my heart. I had to return and now it is my home. Let me host you!


    Lily on

    Canada is the first?????? Lonely planet knows nothing… or maybe they have too many unsold guides….


    Frank Liebermann on

    I’ve been several (7 or 8) times in greater area of Bogotá during the last two years. It’s really a blast! Even if I have seen only few spots of this lovely country. But the people there, they are the best! I got so many friends, some are already part of my family. I pine for returning soon!


    Judi on

    Been to Colombia Meddillan twice now and love it will go again this year. A beautiful city great food and love how colorful it is. Very safe


    helen keyes on

    I Am Irish and lived in Colombia for most of my adult life before returning to Ireland in 2000. I lived through the bad years of Pablo Escobar’s reign of terror , but never stopped loving the country and it’s people. Now that the peace process is under way I would wholeheartedly recommend Colombia as a MUST destination, with its varied cultures, music, food and last but not least climate options from The Amazon Jungle basin ,through the coffee belt to the Carribean Colonial Cartagena, all awash with great people.Go for it!


    Brian Ward on

    Probably the best thing about speaking Spanish in Colombia is that you can don’t have to really learn the names of any Colombian men. Instead you can just refer to any man you have met on the street as maestro. In English, maestro is reserved for an artist who has their work displayed in many different museums around the globe or for someone who has been paid to conduct a symphony. Here in Colombia, you can call someone a maestro just because you like the quality of chips he is selling out of a shopping cart near the mini stop. To read more on Colombia please visit https://singleabroad.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/colombian-visa-extension/


    David Hammond on

    I visited Colombia for the first time in 2016. I loved it all–the culture, the landscape, the food, and the music. I can’t wait to return.


    Simran on

    I was in Colombia for 3 years ,I totally loved it and will definately will go again and again..


    Gail on

    I was in Colombia for 18 days in September. It is welcoming, beautiful and not to be missed. Go visit and you will keep a piece of Colombia in your heart. I long for the chance to return.


    Primos on

    Great! We’re really proud of being Colombian and it would be a pleasure for us to serve you in our beautiful city Cali, a pacific’s gem that will provide you the best gastronomy in our region, great places to have fun dancing Salsa and getting to know charming people! We’ll wait you in Parque Del Perro, Cali, Valle, we’ve been here since 1982 serving the best food you can get in our beautiful city!

    Grandioso!, estamos orgullosos de ser Colombianos y será un placer para nosotros atenderlos en nuestra hermosa ciudad de Cali, una gema del pacifico donde podrá encontrar la mejor gastronomía de nuestra región, grandiosos lugares para bailar salsa y conocer gente encantadora!, los esperamos en el Parque del Perro en Cali, donde hemos estado desde 1982 sirviendo la mejor comida que podrá encontrar en nuestra hermosa ciudad!


    Stephen Cope on

    My wife and I have been visiting Colombia since 1997 on a regular basis. We have never ceased to be amazed at the people, the geography, the colour and the vibrancy of a country still very much undiscovered by the rest of the world. Now we live here, in Vereda el Portento, near El Retiro in Antioquia. Why visit when you can embrace Colombia every day of the year!


    EneaK. on

    I love a girlf from Colombia, so in a way I love Colombia.


    Travelman32 on

    “woven by welcoming arms,”….Just don’t get too comfortable, don’t let your guard down if you decide to stay for a year or more…


    Juan David Roldan on

    A country like no other!


    Annie G on

    Second to Canada? Canada is in North America not South America.


      Chris on

      Thanks for letting me know 😉 It was a wording issue, sorted now


      Carlitosway on

      Off course Canada is in North America !!! Canada is the 1st country to visit and Colombia the second best country to visit in the world 2017, not just South America !!


    Ricardo on

    My wife is a Colombiana is the style of Sofia and her hometown of Cartagena is a delight for me-the historic walled Centro is a place of elegant wonder.


    Steve Burrell on

    Love it!

    Quick grammatical note: please be conscious of the it’s vs. its rule 🙂


    Richard Thomas on

    I lived in Colombia for 7 years – played cello in the National Symphony. I loved it and have kept a Colombia close to my heart ever since.


    pj aranador on

    I am from the Philippines and I have worked as a designer in Colombia for many years and its arts and crafts are beautiful that tells about it rich culture and heritage.


    Bali Wellness Retreat & Bali Yoga Travel on

    Wow! Good job Colombia! You have come a long way!!


    hijabpacker on

    hi Chris, your country have an exotic culture and nice people


    Amit Chaudhary on

    Hi! I’m from India and coming in 2017 for sure…


    clara serna on

    excelente, aqui los esperamos en Cali, bella ciudad, y en el RESTAURANTE CARAMBOLO, en el barrio granada, sector gastronomico, turistico y comercial para atenderlos como reyes


    Caffeine Clicks on

    Yeah great to read, we went this year so I am in total agreement.


    Marcela on

    The best way to know a country is by bike and discover the beautiful landscapes, cultura, food and amazing Colombia Cycling people. Welcome Chris!


    Viviana Viveros on

    Hi Cris, we would like you come here on our eco hostel. We are on Rosario’s island un Isla Grande. Our place is call Arte Aventura. And our web side is http://www.arteyaventura.com. we Hope you can come with us.


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