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25 Photos every visitor to Colombia should take

Photos of Colombia


Colombia might not have a Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat or Statue of Liberty (we’ve written about why Colombia needs an icon before), but there are so many Colombian travel sights that are fast becoming must-do’s for the discerning Colombia traveler. We here at the Colombia Travel Blog love to take good travel photos: they remind us where we’ve been, give something for our families to enjoy looking at, and, of course, give us something to show off to you! So here are the most iconic (some obvious, some less so) travel photos that everyone should take in Colombia (there are so many more, but these are a good start and represent a good balance of Colombia’s remarkable diversity):


1. View from Monserrate


The view that awaits fitness fanatics who hike up Monserrate (photo: Tijs Zwinkels)
The view that awaits fitness fanatics who hike up Monserrate (photo: Tijs Zwinkels)


The first classic photo many people take when they arrive in Colombia…


2. Cocora Valley Wax Palms


Cocora Valley Colombia
Cocora Valley


The world’s tallest palm trees…a photographer’s dream!


3. The Lost City


The Lost City Colombia
The Lost City


Colombia’s iconic ancient ruins: takes some effort to get there for the photo too…


4. Botero statue pose


Botero Cartagena
With Botero’s statue in Cartagena


Cheesy, but hard to resist in Medellin or Cartagena…


5. Photo with a Palenquera in Cartagena


Palenquera Cartagena
A Palenquera in Cartagena


Yeah, it’s touristy, but it’s also pretty darn iconic…


6. Hot Chocolate and Cheese! (yep, you heard!)


hot chocolate cheese bogota
Hot Chocolate and Cheese in la Puerta Falsa


Just for the shock value when you show it to friends at home…


7. The “I just caught a Piranha” Shot


Piranha Fishing Amazon
Lookin’ good (and the piranha’s not bad either)


Some extra badass street-cred for when you get home from the Colombian Amazon!


8. Zipaquira Salt Cathedral


Inside the Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira
¿Que más podría estar en una mina de sal?


One of Colombia’s most strange and iconic sights…


9. Cabo San Juan in Tayrona National Park


Tayrona National Park Colombia
Tayrona National Park


Some classic Caribbean beauty…


10. Guinea Pig Racing (again, you heard!)


Guinea Pig Racing
Guinea Pig Racing!


Seriously!? Yep!


11. The Coffee Bean Photo


Colombian coffee
Colombian coffee


Colombia’s most delicious export…


12. The (related) cup of coffee shot


Colombian Coffee
Colombian Coffee


And what comes from it…


13. Pico Colon & Bolivar


Pico Colon Bolivar Colombia
Colombia’s two highest mountains, seen from the higher reaches of the Sierra Nevada


The world’s highest coastal mountains, and the highest in Colombia


14. Humpback Whales in the Pacific


whale watching choco colombia
Humpback Whale in the Choco


Perhaps Colombia’s most majestic natural wonder…


15. A La Guajira Sunset


Cabo de la Vela Colombia
Cabo de la Vela sunset


Where the sun dips into the sea at the beginning of a continent: how could you resist!


16. Any Caribbean Beach!


Providencia Beach
A Providencia Beach


That one’ll do!


17. The San Cipriano ‘Brujita’ Selfie


Brujitas San Cipriano
Riding the brujitas…


It’s too weird and random not to! (Read all about San Cipriano’s brujitas here)


18. Cobbled Streets in Barichara


Barichara Colombia
Cobbled streets in Barichara


Almost too beautiful…


19. Santa Barbara Church in Mompos


santa barbara church mompox
Santa Barbara Church


The most iconic church of perhaps Colombia’s prettiest town…


20. The Medellin Metrocable


Medellin's  MetroCable
Medellin’s MetroCable


The former most dangerous city in the world has reinvented itself…


21. Paragliding over Chicamocha Canyon


Paragliding Chicamocha


For the adrenaline junkies (PS…it doesn’t count if you don’t fly first!)


22. El Penol Rock


El Penol
La piedra del Peñol cerca de Guatapé, son demasiados escalones.


It just so implausible!


23. View from El Penol Rock (cheating a bit there!)


El Penol View
Pero valen la pena por la vista


And the view’s not bad either…


24. Pan de Azucar in El Cocuy


Pan de Azucar El Cocuy
Posing optional…


High up in one of Colombia’s most beautiful and hidden national parks…


25. Yourself in a Colombia football shirt!


Colombian football fan
Too much…?


Not necessarily also featuring a replica World Cup, Colombia football, Falcao sunglasses etc…


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