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By JL Pastor & See Colombia Travel

Aug 20

Barichara & Guane: Photo Gallery



Barichara and Guane are two little towns in Santander department: Barichara is routinely declared the prettiest town in the country, whilst Guane is even smaller and possibly more picturesque, and can be reached by a wonderful 2 hour hike along the ‘Camino Real’ from Barichara. I’ve just returned from spending some time in both, and was lucky enough with the weather to get some beautiful (if I do say so myself) pictures. So here’s a photo gallery of this wonderful part of Colombia:


Barichara Church

The church on the main square in Barichara


Barichara Colombia

Rooftop view over Barichara


Barichara Colombia

Cobbled streets in Barichara


Camino Real Barichara Guane

The Camino Real to Guane


Camino Real Barichara Guane

Hiking the Camino Real


Guane Colombia

The streets of Guane


Barichara Window

A beautiful window in Barichara


Keep an eye on See Colombia for more posts about Santander over the next couple of weeks.











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One Comment on “Barichara & Guane: Photo Gallery

Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans says:

Gorgeous photos! Barichara kind of reminds me of Paraty in Brazil.

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