Apr 21

Welcome Jess: See Colombia Travel’s New Intern

Jess and a butterfly


So, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jess and I am lucky enough to be working as See Colombia Travel’s new intern. I’ve been living and working in Bogota, Colombia for almost two months.

I’ve taught English as a foreign language on and off for about three years now. I absolutely love teaching, I really do, but my first love is always going to be travel. Before Colombia I was working in China and travelling around South-East Asia; I’ve also worked in the United States, Mexico and Italy. I absolutely loved living in China and backpacking in Asia but Colombia is a different world. The pace of life here is different, people are so open and friendly and I already feel so settled here.


Jess and a donkey
Feeling slightly nervous alongside a donkey…


At university we were always pushed to network, network, network, so when I saw Editor Chris looking for an apartment on a Bogota forum I (only slightly creepily) messaged him asking about his path taken into the glamorous world of travel writing. He told me about the internship with See Colombia, a hasty CV was cobbled together and now I find myself working for Colombia’s premier travel blog!

Minor facebook stalking : 1 – Trawling through internet job adverts : 0


Jess getting Colombian
Stay off the roads…


So, basically I chose Colombia for the language, the lifestyle, the people and of course to experience a culture completely different from mine. There is so much that I can’t wait to experience while I’m here; so much that I want to see and do. Here is just a little sample of my Colombian bucket list (the actual list is about four pages long):

The top points on my Colombian bucket list:

  • Learn to speak Spanish
  • Learn to dance without hurting myself or others around me
  • Be able to rock a pair of jeans like a Colombiana
  • Be able to shot aguardiente without making “the face”
  • Become unofficial tejo champion of Colombia
  • Learn to cook empanadas like a pro


Jess in Bogota
Overlooking my new adopted home-town…


So thanks again to See Colombia, and I can’t wait to start exploring this wonderful country, and helping to let the rest of the world know how magical Colombia really is.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Jess: See Colombia Travel’s New Intern

    Manuel on

    bienvenida, ojala yo tuviera el mismo pribilegio, por lo pronto ancioso de leer tus posts

    visita mi blog: http://www.ungeekencolombia.com/


    claudia on

    bienvenida Jess,, conoces ya parte de las costumbres colombianas….q bien.
    quiero aprovechar e invitarte y a tu grupo a conocer la finca La Trinidad en villa de leyva, mi esposo es Holandes, ahora colombia hace parte de el. y por eso tenemos esta finca con huerta organica en un lugar especial. los esperamos,,y les contaremos nuestra historia.


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