Mar 17

See Colombia needs a new intern

See Colombia Intern


I discovered See Colombia Travel in a fairly organic way: a few beers after a game of football, and a chat with Paul Fowler, See Colombia’s Editor at the time. It turned out that he was looking for an intern to write some things in the mornings, about 20 hours a week. I had always loved writing and travelling, and my mornings were free, so I knocked up a CV and, within a week I was heading over to his place to begin work. Not to sound too dramatic, but I certainly could not have imagined on that first day where that internship would lead.


Colombia waiting
And don’t you want to be part of it…


Fast forward nearly two years, and I have just been lucky enough to become See Colombia’s new Editor. The experience which that internship gave me was invaluable in getting this new job, and allowing me to fulfil my goal of coming back to Colombia. I learned so much about writing, editing, and managing social media, amongst other things. It was also a lot of fun: the chance to write about my experiences in Colombia, show my photographs, and run around Bogota eating ants for work was one I’ll never forget. The amount of exposure for my writing and photographs was something I could never have achieved on my own at that point. My photo even appeared in El Espectador, one of Colombia largest newspapers! Although, I think the thing I was most pleased about is that there was a photo of Carlos Valderrama on the same page – equals at last! The See Colombia internship gave me some priceless experiences. 


Colombia Travel Blog en El Espectador
In El Espectador…fame at last!


Now we’re looking for a new intern. The advert provides the key details, but all I can say is that it’s an amazing opportunity to come and work for the Best Blog in the Americas 2013, with a great team of passionate individuals, committed to showing the world the real beauty of Colombia. So get in touch, and who knows, someday you could be sitting in my (plastic lawn) chair.


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4 thoughts on “See Colombia needs a new intern

    Aarin on

    Hey there. Is it a requirement to be currently living in Colombia? I just returned to Canada after 1.5 years in Bucaramanga but am still very much in the loop through news and social media. Gracias!


      Chris on

      Hi Aarin,

      The new intern does need to be based in Colombia; however, if you are interested in writing any guest content for us and have some ideas for posts please send me an email at



    Brian on

    Hi, where do I sign up for the internship?



      Chris on

      Hi Brian,

      If you’re interested then please send me an email:

      Please include a CV along with your message.

      Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you,



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