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Why Colombia deserves to win Best Blog in the Americas

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Colombia is awesome. I know that. You know that. Pretty much every person who has set foot on this country’s soil knows that. But does the world appreciate that? Does it know just how awesome it is? The simple answer is, sadly, no. Colombia’s image as a tourist destination has changed drastically over the last few years and it continues to do so. But not fast enough.

Here at See Colombia Travel, we never get tired of talking about this beautiful country. That is our raison d’etre, to promote Colombia and explain to the world why this is a place that we love and that we, as a group of foreigners living here, want to stay here and share its beauty.

Me and my family looking awkward behind an ancient statue in San Agustin
Me and my family looking awkward behind an ancient statue in San Agustin


Sure, we could talk here about the amazing landscapes, the beautiful and historic colonial towns, the food, the people, the biodiversity, the music and so much more. All of these are valid reasons for why Colombia should win. However, it is so much more than this that makes me want to stand atop an Andean mountain and sing Colombia’s praises to the world.

Colombia deserves to win. As we all know, this is a country that has gone through some dark times that have shaped the country’s reputation. Yet few people in the world share the same sense of optimism, hope and desire to change their country for the better. Colombians have an impressive amount of pride for their country and a stunning ability to look to the future with wide-eyed hopefulness and a genuine belief that they can improve things. This is a quality that I have admired almost from my first day in Colombia and one which has always impressed me.

After running the Colpatria Tower in Bogota, Colombia
After running the Colpatria Tower in Bogota, Colombia


Colombia deserves to move forward, to leave the past behind and to become the tourist destination that it should rightly be. That’s why we need to help Colombia, we need to keep on promoting it and we need to show other foreigners what it is about this fascinating, stunning and frankly unique country that keeps us here.

This is a country that welcomed me with open arms from the day that I arrived. A country that has given me close friends, unforgettable experiences, special memories and a feeling of ‘home’ that I have never experienced in the many other countries I have lived in. I love the feeling of being an honorary Colombian, of feeling so comfortable in a place that may initially seem so alien. And this is felt by so many expats in Colombia and it is a feeling which we are all eager to share. Colombia needs to win in order to continue gaining the recognition that it so deserves and in order for the world to become aware of all the wonders that we see on a daily basis.

Vote for Colombia and help us help Colombia!

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