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Top 10 most read See Colombia Travel posts of 2013

Colombia tiene el mejor blog de viajes de america

2013 at See Colombia Travel was exhilarating, exciting and at times exhausting, with posts now being published in Spanish and French as well as English. So as you sit back, full of Christmas cheer and, of course, Christmas food, we thought we’d take a look at some of the posts that most caught your attention in 2013.

1. Paul’s Farewell Letter to Colombia

Paul Fowler bids farewell to his beloved adopted home, Colombia

This year, we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend Paul Fowler who shared with us his emotional farewell to a country that he loves so much. His beautiful description of what makes Colombia and Colombians so special and what it is that affected him so deeply is also available in Spanish.

2. Four of the best Colonial Towns for Time Travel in Colombia


Mompox, the square where some of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's scenes took place
Mompox, a town lost in time and literature…

We are aware that we often bang on about the amazing colonial towns in Colombia, and with good reason – Colombia is not only home to a great number of such towns, it also offers a huge amount of variety. In this post, Gilesy covered four of the best towns in Colombia for you to get lost in time.

3. Ocho frases que solo he escuchado en Colombia / Phrases I’ve only heard in Colombia

Viejos hablando en jerga colombiana

Colombian slang is incredibly specific and unique. Most foreigners who arrive here have to spend a while getting used to the nuances of Colombian Spanish, but once we’ve got the hang of it, we all start to love it. Here are just some of the typically Colombian phrases that baffle us so. Here’s the version in Spanish.

4. 16 Signs You’re Becoming a Colombian

Happy Colombians

It’s not just Colombian Spanish that is peculiar and unique, so too are Colombians. And we love them for it. So much so that most non-Colombians quickly pick up numerous ‘Colombianisms’ without even realising it. Azzam points out these 16 signs which you should be aware of as you make your transition from confused foreigner to fully-fledged Colombian.

5. Paul’s Bacano Guide to Colombian Slang

Colombia es chevere

Much like number 3, this post delves into the wonderful world of Colombian slang. Get your tongue around these words and you’ll be more Colombian than ajiaco before you can say ‘chevere marica.’

6. Eight Conversations You’ll Almost Definitely Have With a Colombian

A group of Colombians ex-patriots in South Bank, London (Paul, see anyone you know?!)

As well as specific words, Colombians also tend to enjoy many of the same conversation topics with foreigners. If you’re travelling or living in Colombia, you will be hard-pushed to avoid having one or all of these eight conversations.

7. Top 5 Weird Things We’ve Only Seen in Colombia

Now, there are clearly far more than five Colombian oddities, but Sarah picks out her absolute top weirdest things about Colombia.

8. 40 Life Lessons We’ve Learnt from Living in Colombia

This two-part post details some pretty important things that we foreigners at See Colombia Travel have learnt while living in Colombia. Whether it’s simply that pineapple jam can go on hot dogs or that mountains are awesome, Colombia is constantly teaching us. Spanish versions of part one and part two are available.

9. Our 500th post: 500 Reasons We Love Colombia

500th post, 500 reasons. Makes sense. We could easily have come up with 500 more reasons we love Colombia, but we’ll save that for our 1000th post.

10. Colombia’s Pacific Coast

Sometimes at See Colombia Travel we like to take you to some of the lesser-known destinations in Colombia. We’ve been to La Guajira, El Cocuy, plenty of unknown colonial towns as well as the Pacific coast.

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