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See Colombia Travel’s 2013 Year Review

Choco beach 2013 review

This was a busy year for us here at See Colombia Travel, which ended with the award for Best Travel Blog in the Americas, so thanks to all of those who voted and who read the blog for helping us finish the year with a bang. But that wasn’t the only exciting development of 2013 – here’s our round-up of the main events to go down at See Colombia Travel this year. May 2014 bring some more of the same!


Sarah at La Ciudad Perdida
Sarah at La Ciudad Perdida

At the end of January we launched the new and improved layout for the See Colombia Travel Blog. It was also a busy month for Sarah, who not only took on the adventure of the Ruta Mutis, but she also appeared on TV. We were nominated for a Bloggie for Best Travel Blog in Latin America and we appeared on popular Colombian TV show ‘Como en Casa’.


Paul Fowler at Punta Gallinas
Paul at Punta Gallinas

This month saw us publish our 500th post, in which we detailed 500 reasons why we foreigners love Colombia so much. Paul shared his experiences of two years living in Colombia, while we began to work more closely with our friend and partner Toya Viudes, from Colombia de Una. We also attended the Anato Travel Fair.


Best Latin AMERIcan travel blog

March was all about the Bloggies. After releasing a short video, we won the Best Blog in Latin America award!


Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz meets our good friend Dani in his Bogota restaurant, Chamberi
Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz meets our good friend Dani in his Bogota restaurant, Chamberi

JL, Marcela and Gilesy were in attendance at the launch of the new Colombia tourist campaign, which replaced ‘The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay’ with ‘Magical Realism’. We spent some time reflecting about what Colombia has taught us and posted our 40 life lessons from living in Colombia. Peru’s top chef, Gaston Acurio, invited us to the opening of his new restaurant in Bogota, El Patio. Spanish pop star Alejandro Sanz visited our good friend and partner, Daniel Meronho, at his Bogota restaurant, Chamberi.


Chris and Falcao. Lads.
Chris and Falcao. Lads.

This was a hectic month for Chris, who not only had the opportunity to take on Choco, but who also met none other than Radamel Falcao. This month we also tried buying Twitter followers before quickly realising that it wasn’t the best idea and starting to delete our new, fake followers. We had the opportunity to meet and interview Luis Eduardo Villamizar, a Colombian American creating a documentary about Colombia and his journey to discover his heritage. See Colombia Travel held an event for Firefox employees in Cartagena, which was a resounding success.


blogueros de viaje en Medellín
Bloggers will be bloggers…

JL and Toya were invited to explore Medellin alongside Dani Meronho and a Peruvian and Argentinian blogger. JL was also lucky enough to be whisked away to Chile to share his experience of the blogging world and to impart some of his wisdom. We also appeared on National Geogrpahic television,



JL and Marcela took a trip up to Palomino where they celebrated the anniversary of their first trip together. This is also where they discovered Playa La Roca, a fantastic hotel in Palomino. We finally managed to delete all of our fake Twitter followers, although the tool we used worked a little too well and actually got rid of some of our real followers!


Not even slightly out of place...
Not even slightly out of place…

The See Colombia Travel team experienced a welcome expansion, as Lydia joined the team to add a little French flair to proceedings, while Carolina became our resident Colombian. This month, Azzam also shared his experience of when seven members of his family came to visit Colombia and instantly fell in love.


Pre-Columbian stone figure at San Agustin
Pre-Columbian stone figure at San Agustin

Our beloved and wonderful editor Paul Fowler sadly left Colombia for Germany, after three years living in Colombia. We won’t lie, his emotional farewell to Colombia had us all in tears. Azzam then had to take on the Herculean task of replacing Paul as editor. See Colombia Travel finalised a partnership with Terra Colombia. JL and Toya were whisked away to San Agustin, where they had the opportunity to get stuck in to the fascinating culture and history of the area. We also launched our new look website.


San Pacho Festival, Quibdo
Just a standard Monday morning outfit…

Azzam visited Quibdo with Toya for his first visit to Choco, where he was lucky enough to experience the stunning festival of San Pacho. JL and Toya were invited to Campus Party in Medellin to give a talk about blogging. See Colombia Travel also completed an agreement with Marca Colombia, allowing us to share our mutual knowledge of the travel industry in Colombia. We reached 5,000 Twitter followers. Argentinian blogger, Laura Lazzarino, shared her experience of Medellin with us. Our former team mate Cathrina was blessed with a baby, congratulations! At the Twitter Colombia awards, we were proud to be supporting Luis Villamizar and his Journey to Colombia documentary. JL and Marcela were blown away in Medellin when they were recognised by Sandra, one of our readers, who was recently convinced via a chat to Marcela to return to Colombia. We also began a partnership with Daniel Tirado, ex-‘desafio’ contestant and travel blogger extraordinaire from Medellin. He’s pretty handy with a camcorder too…


Santa Elena, Antioquia
Don Joaquin, a Santa Elena farmer who participates in Medellin’s Feria de Las FLores

After a busy October, things didn’t calm down much! JL’s blogging and marketing experience once again got him invited abroad to share his knowledge, this time to Mexico. This is where our ‘chiva viajera’ had its first foreign outing. He was also invited by Holiday Inn to Cartagena. Paco Nadal, Spain’s most famous travel blogger, visited Colombia and travelled to the Lost City with Toya. Gilesy and Azzam were invited to Antioquia to get to know more about the fascinating history of the region- they visited a number of small towns and handicrafts centres and delved deep into the heart of Antioquia. We also reflected on what it takes for a foreigner to become Colombian and posted our 16 signs you are becoming a Colombian.


Colombia tiene el mejor blog de viajes de america

This was the biggest month of the year for us and a great way to end 2013. We were nominated by FITUR for Best Travel Blog in The Americas and, thanks to all of you, WE WON!! In the process we were featured in El Espectador, ADN, on TV with El Tiempo Televison, CityTV, RCN and Como en Casa, and on the radio with Senal Radio Colombia and Blu Radio. In other news, Carolina got the chance to explore adventure sports in Antioquia. Also this month Toya gained some much-deserved recognition in Spain’s El Pais newspaper, which ranked Colombia de Una as one of the top 25 blogs in the world! She was also published in Avianca magazine.

Bring on 2014!

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