Dec 20

Christmas Donations in Colombia: Lending a Hand



As we may have mentioned a couple of hundred times or so already, Colombia is amazing in December. The cities are lit up like casinos, and everybody seems to be – if that’s even possible – in a better mood. The world-famous happiness of Colombians appears to be turned up to eleven. All of this may make it difficult to realise that there are thousands of Colombians who are in need of a helping hand from those who can give one. So, while it’s the season for giving, we’ve come up with some ways you can give something back to the Colombians who are so generous with us newcomers.


The Barefoot Foundation.


Shakira gets a bit of flack in her own country now and then, but never over her charity work. She’s worked tirelessly to set up The Barefoot Foundation, which is working to give impoverished kids an education they never thought they’d have a chance to get. Education is going to be the way forward for this country, which still suffers from grave inequality, and giving to this foundation, which works right here in Colombia, but also around Latin America, is one of the best Christmas presents going around.


Mi Sangre.


Juanes and Mi Sangre
Juanes and Mi Sangre


Not to be outdone, Juanes has put his hefty name behind the “Mi Sangre” foundation, which takes a holistic approach to helping neglected communities around his beloved Colombia. Using art to help build peace, this foundation is carefully planned, dynamic, and effective. They’re doing great work.




We like going on about how megadiverse Colombia is, something that is fairly obvious wherever you go around this ridiculously rich country. The Natura Foundation has been working for thirty long years now to try to ensure this diversity will continue into the future. The dazzling natural sights in this country are an enormous treasure, crucial for Colombians, so giving a Christmas present to these guys just makes sense.






The idea behind this initiative is simple: everybody deserves a roof over their head. Techo is one group who are tackling the enormous problem of poverty in Latin America – including, of course, Colombia –  with direct, practical methods. The most exciting and awarding way you can contribute to this effort is to join the half-million volunteers that have given their time and muscles to the cause.

Caring for Colombia.


The secret to this foundation is in its name. This US-based charity provides health, education, and art therapy projects to help vulnerable Colombian communities empower themselves.


These are just five foundations working to effect crucial change in Colombia, a country we all know to be rich in culture, nature, and resources; but that is still working to pull itself out of poverty. A little Christmas present from you guys will make it that much more certain that Colombia’s future is as bright as it should be. Are there any more you guys could suggest?


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