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Dec 19

A Colombian Christmas Poem


’Tis the night before Christmas and all through the land

Colombians are sleeping, even the cumbia band.


Las botas are hung by the chimney with care,

Novenas all done, smell of natilla in the air;


Chigüiros nestle in the Andean heights,

Cities aglow with the twinkle of lights.


Mamas in ruanas prepare ajiacos,

Kids in pyjamas dream of regalos.


In the Amazon jungle, monkeys repose,

And near Manizales coffee quietly grows.


In Medellin Juanes lays down his guitar for the day,

While in Barranquilla, Shakira arrunches Pique.


The rainbow river dances downstream,

Swirling, eternal, a crystalline dream.


Sweet vallenato rhythms lull the chivos to sleep

(They’ll be safe in Pasto, where they prefer cuy to sheep).


Paisas and Rolos united in joy,

Costeños, Caleños, each girl and boy.


Colombians worldwide, filled with Christmas cheer,

Look optimistically towards the coming year.


Can we win the World Cup in Brazil?

With enough Christmas wishes maybe this time we will.


In 2014, may all of your dreams come true,

Under the beautiful flag of gold, red and blue.


So to all of our readers, wherever you are

Let Colombia’s greatness shine like a star,


Casting a light on its beautiful sights.

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


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2 Comments on “A Colombian Christmas Poem

Beekinga says:

Fab…but for the ‘Chigüiros in the Andean heights’ bit; ehem. Doctor Azzam, Chigüiros do adore basking by the esteros, down Llanos way…

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