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Aug 06

Happy Birthday, Bogotá, from Everyone at See Colombia Travel.

happy birthday bogota


We just wanted to wish our complicated, schizophrenic, but weirdly and eminently lovable friend, Bogotá, the happiest of birthdays. You´re a grand old dame of 475 today, and so it´s only right we mark the occasion. I guess we never expected to become such intimate mates with such a grungily energetic city, but somehow, you´ve won our hearts. It´s kinda hard to explain –  to someone who doesn´t already know – what exactly it is we love about you, but, torn-sarn it! We do.

It´s kinda hard to explain, but it´s moments – written in 4-7-5 time –  like the following that just might capture your heart…



His hands´ wrinkles

Tighten around the morning´s

Steaming green-blue cup.



Brown hands brush strings

A joyful pain runs over

Coins she´ll never see.



Stoically still

Now the Liberator reads

Pigeon semaphore.



That old mountain

Peers down as punks make stories

Wrapped in wispy sheets.



The club spills out

Breathless firewater nights

Manic taxis wait.


For this, and everything else, old girl,

Happy Birthday, Bogotá.


Here´s to the next 475 years.

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2 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Bogotá, from Everyone at See Colombia Travel.

Paul Giles says:

Thank you, Roxanne!
There is a certain…what the French call ¨I don´t know what¨ about Bogotá that can get you, right? :)

Posted on - Reply

Roxanne says:

This made me smile. Keep making this lovely city look good!

Posted on - Reply

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