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Aug 12

8 Colombian Facts From Bizzare-o-land.

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Welcome, Monday. Ugh. It can be a struggle to make it through days like this, especially if you´re not in Colombia, so the team here at the SCT towers have come up with 8 pretty dumb things about Colombia we found kinda interesting or funny. Enjoy!


1. The Man,The Name, The Hat.


We´ve totally made it to India, guys; I swear!

We´ve totally made it to India, guys; I swear!


Although Colombia was named after Chris Columbus, who ¨discovered¨ the Americas (he thought he´d made it to India, but, you know, close enough), that intrepid but directionally challenged individual never actually set foot on the territory now named after him. Just unlucky, I guess.

Also, it´s actually NOT Columbia. It´s ColOmbia!


How About That Weather, Guys?


Bogotá isn´t the bomb-ravaged, tropical metropolis you might think it is.

Bogotá isn´t the bomb-ravaged, tropical metropolis you might think it is.


Although there are some areas of the country with the kind of balmy tropical weather you´d expect so near the equator (here´s looking at you, Tayrona), there is a ridiculous variety of climates throughout the country. Medellin is in eternal spring. Bogotá is lucky enough to have London´s weather. The craziest example of this is the city of Manizales, which is said to have no fewer than eight microclimates within the city itself. People say it´s to do with altitude, but they´re wrong. It´s because of magic. of course.


Long Names That Nobody Cares About.



Many cities of Colombia have weirdly long, unmanageable names. Although everybody just uses ¨Cartagena,¨ its official title is Cartagena de Indias (thanks again, Columbus). It´s not simply Pasto, but San Juan de Pasto. The most impressive example of this is the capital itself. Originally named Santa Fe de Bogotá, after the conquistador´s home town and the indigenous Muisca´s name for the area; it was then renamed simply Bogotá, as that´s what everybody calls it. However, the 1991 constituent assembly, otherwise famous for affirming the new trend of a secular Colombia, added Santa Fe (Holy Faith) back to the name. Which could beg the question, why?


Colombian Exports.


One of my greatest inspirations for my masculinity.

One of my greatest inspirations for my masculinity.


When talking about Colombian exports, people usually think about that addictive substance that´s so notorious that it´s known as ¨the ¨C¨ word.¨ That´s right: coffee. But it´s not so common knowledge that Colombia also has a thriving flower industry. A nice measure of this is that it´s the biggest exporter of cut flowers to the USA. Colombia also imports a lion´s share of the mint to the U.S. Next time you´re having a mint julep in N´Orleans, guys, think of us.


Lots of Birds.


Whatchoo talkin´ ´bout, Blogger?

Whatchoo talkin´ ´bout, Blogger?


Colombia has more birds then anyone else. At the last count, we have 1897 different species. It also tops the list for species of orchids. Coincidence? I don´t care. Sadly, though, Colombia is pretty slack when it comes to amphibians. We take a lame second place in that category. Pick up your game, frogs!


The Flag.


Colombia flag

The flag of Ecuador, I mean Colombia.


A brief lesson in vexillology. First lesson: ¨vexillology¨ is the study of the usage and symbolism of flags. Did you know that the colours of the Colombian flag signify, in order: the gold that has always brought people to this land; the blood of the many mighty battles that were fought to establish Colombia, and the two oceans which are such an important factor for the lives of Colombians. You did? Smart-arse. Well, did you know that the exact colours haven’t been officially decreed? That too? You probably just googled that, though. Alright: why is the yellow bit so much bigger then? Tell me that, wise guy?


Sexy Lady.


A typically sexy Englishman.

A typically sexy Englishman.


7. Colombian women are the sexiest women in the world. Well, so the American single men that use the dating site, Miss Travel, said in a recent survey. Having said that, the same survey found that Englishmen are the sexiest men in the world, so I don´t know how many grains of salt to take that with.


The Location of Bogota.


You sure? Get it? Shore? My bad.

You sure? Get it? Shore? My bad.


8. Bogota is not in New Jersey. Or, is it…?

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3 Comments on “8 Colombian Facts From Bizzare-o-land.

Paul Giles says:

Ah… Mr and Mrs Smith. If they weren`t such an attractive, good couple, I`d wring their handsome little necks for them! The long names are pretty awesome, right? My favourite at the moment is Villa de Nuestra Señora de Santa Maria de Leyva (now take a breath).
I actually like how knowledgable you Colombians tend to be about your country: back in Australia I`d be a bit suspicious of Aussies that are overly patriotic, but here it generally takes a nice form. I would like to know, though, Nai – and maybe you can help me out here – why the yellow part of the flag is so much bigger than the other two parts? Who decided that?

Posted on - Reply

Nai Freilich says:

I meant to say the department and city where one is from*

Posted on - Reply

Nai Freilich says:

I hate it every single time I watch Mr and Mrs Smith!!!! But then I forget it and it’s all good again!! Lol. Palm trees and a ceiling fan? One might think Hollywood producers would do a litte research… I love the long names though… Being myself from San Jeronimo de Montería, Córdoba a.k.a Montería.
And of course everybody knows the meaning of the flag and coat of the country, the department and the city. That’s. “Sociales, 4th grade” We take a lot of pride on that, I think… Crazy patriotism :)

Posted on - Reply

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