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Top Chef – Colombian Edition (Guest Post)

Journey to Colombia documentary by Luis Eduardo Villamizar

I love eating Colombian food.  At home or at restaurants in Miami, it was always easy to find.  For the last 10 years I’ve been living in Atlanta and it took some time to find some good Colombian restaurants.  Most of the time here, when I’ve felt the urge, I would go to one close by and sometimes even venture out about 45 minutes away.  For the last year while traveling and working on my documentary, A Journey to Colombia, I’ve visited many Colombian restaurants around the US.

I came across a few websites that have easy to follow & detailed recipes on Colombian cuisine.  I figured how hard could it be? With so many choices, I asked my Facebook page & Twitter community what I should cook. I got a great response with many suggestions and votes from the poll I placed on Facebook.  So with everyone’s help, I decided to make a sancocho de cola and empanadas de carne.

On Saturday I went to the Farmer’s Market on Buford Highway in Atlanta.  It was my first time there and I must say I was very impressed by the selection and my experience.  I’ll definitely be back. I found all the items necessary and saw some in the frozen food section that would make this process much easier and quicker but I wanted everything fresh.

Sancocho, que bonito estas mirando

One side note:  There is a HUGE globe at the main entrance.  As I was taking photos and video by it, I checked the map for my beloved Colombia.  I’ll just say this:  It’s COLOMBIA NOT Columbia!!

You had one job...
You had one job!


YA HEAR ME? It's Colombia, not Columbia!
YA HEAR ME? It’s Colombia, not Columbia!

On Sunday I woke up early with a slight hangover from my birthday celebration and aguardiente shots. I knew this was going to take some time and also wanted to make a video to share with everyone so I had to set up that equipment too.


I must say that everything came out much better than I thought it would especially for being my first attempt at cooking these Colombian dishes.  I used the recipes from My Colombian Recipes and highly recommend Erica’s website for anyone who is looking to throw down in the kitchen Colombian style! During the process I spoke with my mom, dad and my cousin Charito in Jersey who provided me with some tips.

It was a lot harder and longer than I expected but it was well worth the experience and once it was done, delicious to sit down to eat something I’d been preparing all day.  I’m looking forward to my next Colombian dish. Enjoy the video and remember, it’s always a good time for Sancocho time!

Sancocho Colombian food

3 thoughts on “Top Chef – Colombian Edition (Guest Post)

    Matt on

    Empanadas look nice and crunchy. It’s hard enough to find decent Colombian food in Bogota, I can’t imagine how hard it is in Atlanta!


      Paul Fowler on

      Haha, looks like you’ve even got to make it yourself!


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