Jun 17

The Greatest Hits of the See Colombia Travel Blog


Here at See Colombia Travel we strive to bring you new, fresh content every day. We love living in Colombia and we do our utmost to share our experiences with you, our beloved readers, so that you too can get a taste and (we hope) get a taste to come, or just remember the Colombia that you’ve already fallen in love with.

With that said, today we’re taking a step back in time to look at our 3 Greatest Hits. Now, these aren’t necessarily the most popular posts (although, incidentally they are among them), but rather our 3 posts that have enjoyed a great deal of interaction and brought us a healthy sense of pride in our work. That is to say, these are posts that have made real connections with people, and sometimes even changed lives. And please forgive us, but we’re a little bit proud of that.

So without further ado, here are our picks for our Greatest Hits.

3. 40 Life Lessons of Living in Colombia

I’m not sure if it was the scale of the task, the time it took or the amount of love that was involved in making this post, but either way it left us exhausted. We wanted to make this funny but poignant; an article that would inform people from abroad and also bring a smile to those of us currently living here. Judging by the reaction of our readers, I’d say it was largley successful, and it’s fair to say there was a decent amount of back-patting all around when this one went live.

2. A Traveler’s Love Story: The Perfect Proposal

This one came fairly early on in the life of our blog, and boy did it have a big impact at the time. We got countless emails and messages saying that our story had brought people to tears or inspired them in their own relationships, and there’s really nothing more satisfying than hearing that. This post focused on JL’s unorthadox proposal to Marcela, and we don’t want to spoil anything for you when you read the post, but be prepared for some good old fashioned Latin romance and passion.

1. Nicole Finds Her Family, the Whole Story

This one still brings certain members of our team (ahem, Marcela) to tears thanks to the intensely emotional story. Nicole Culverhouse was born in a remote area of Bogotá over 30 years ago where she was kidnapped and given up for adoption. After so many years of knowing nothing about her biological family, Nicole decided to search for them and got in touch with us. Using the power of blogging and social media, we played a crucial part in getting her in touch with her family, which is something we’re very proud of. Check out the video in the post and you’ll see just how emotional the whole thing was!


So that’s it, we hope you enjoy the posts and keep coming back to visit us for even more Colombia Travel Blog classics!

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