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Jun 11

The Colombian Dream Team: Our pick for Colombia’s best starting XI ever

colombian national football team

Something we don’t mind repeating about this great country we happen to call home is how music seems to pulse through Colombia’s veins. The same could also be said about their greatest footballers. Not only has Colombia produced some of the greatest footballers of all time, but they also happen to be those with the most impressive style. We mean, just look at that hair, for starters.

Distinctive, passionate, yes, OK – flashy, the greatest Cafeteros not only have true world-class skills, but perform their feats with trademark Colombian flair and zest. Not only would our team here dominate most any team that you’d like to pit them against, but they’d play as if football was the most dazzling rumba ever held. And, they’d do it with some of the best hair ever.


So, here it is: our picks for the Best Colombian Team Ever. It also just happens to be the Most Colombian Team Ever. Enjoy the rumba!

Colombian football


What do you think? Have we made the best choices?

Did we include Higuita just for this?:

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One Comment on “The Colombian Dream Team: Our pick for Colombia’s best starting XI ever

Santiago says:

Great team but I think Higuita is veeery loco , so I would definitely change him for Oscar Córdoba.

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