Jun 13

COLUMBIA: THE MOVIE (Colombia vs. Hollywood VI)

mexican desert

columbiathemovie copy

#A country gone to hell.

(Overhead shot of a desert – cacti, chickens, and donkeys. Numerous Mexicans in army fatigues shooting machine guns into the air)

Mexicans: “Underlay, underlay, Yippai! Yippai!”


#A ruthless drug lord with no mercy.

(Shot of a chubby, white-suited, sun-glassed drug lord walking away as his moustachioed goons shoot a weeping man in a sombrero while his distraught family watch on. Chickens fly everywhere, clucking in terror. Young Scooter in the background, dancing Gangnam style.)




Drug Lord: “I tole jou no screw me, Miguelerino. Eef I tell jou grow Ecstasy plants, jou grow ’em. Look at jou now!”

Young Scooter: “I jus’ fell in love with a Cuban.”

(A donkey in the background explodes into a mushroom cloud.)




#A city without law.

(Overhead shot of Bogota – helicopters circling indiscriminately, entire blocks on fire. Monkeys scale old pink Cuban buildings crumbling among the dust and cacti. In a dingy plaza, men in sombreros dance to ranchero music around a massive pile of white powder, firing their revolvers into the air. Explosions.)


#A sexy lady in peril.

(Shot of Sexy Colombian Lady in crop-top and denim shorts being escorted out of a shiny black SUV by Young Scooter. An inscrutable Drug Lord looks on, smoking a fat cigar.)

Sexy Colombian Lady: “I no comprendo. I sooo sexy. How come hay problemos?

Young Scooter: “I love Colombia.”


#One man will rise above the chaos.

Rocco: “But Mommy!! I don’t wanna go Columbia. It smells funny, and besides, I don’t even like cocaine.”

Madonna: “Now, you’re coming with me, and that’s final! Another word, and you’re on the first plane back to Africa!”

Rocco: “I just know you’re going to take your top off. They’ll beat me up at school again.”



(Shot of Young Scooter, mixing up a bowl of what looks like pancake batter.)


(Shot of Drug Lord, slapping a donkey in the face.)


(Shot of a terrified Sexy Colombian Lady, washing a black SUV. Suds everywhere.)




Pablo, you best not mess with me. I'll instagram yo' ass.
You best not mess with me. I’ll instagram yo’ ass.




@pabloescobar #totesawks you so dedd right now lolz
@ColumbianDrugLord #totesawks you so dedd right now lolz




(Young Scooter spontaneously combusts.)

Madonna: “What happened to your meeting with Scooter?”

Rocco: “I had to blow him off.”






(Shot of Rocco, embracing Sexy Colombian Lady, who is wearing a pointy bra. Pan to the sky.)







Hollywood, eh? If you don’t laugh, you just might cry.

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