Jun 20

A Spaniard, a Peruvian and an Argentinian walk into Medellín…

blogueros de viaje en Medellín

Even though the title of this post seems like a joke, that’s exactly what happened the 6th of June this year when the Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau invited 3 famous Spanish-speaking bloggers – friends of this very blog – to visit Medellín and its surroundings to get to know the area better and, subsequently, promote it among their thousands of readers.

We met Frank Tipiani (Peru) and Federico Bongiorno (Argentina) when we competed in the FITUR competition to choose the best blogger from Latin America in 2012, when we came in second place after www.infodestino.com and just before www.positiveviajes.com.ar, the blogs of Frank and Federico respectively. Dani Meroño (Spain) is an old friend, creator of www.elcocineroviajero.com, soon to be host of a TV show by the same name, and chef at the exquisite Chamberí de Bogotá – chosen by our blog as the best restaurant in Colombia 2012.

Plaza Botero Medellin
La Plaza Botero, uno de los sitios obligados para apreciar en Medellín.

The idea was to mix these three types of very distinct bloggers. Each have very different audiences, unique visions and, above all else, differing expectations of the city itself – Frank and Federico had never been while Dani had already been 4 times.

The result was a blogtrip in which each had a different experience of the city and it’s close by regions which later the bloggers expounded upon in their social networks and blogs. As well as this, the whole thing made it to the offline world as they were interviewed by media such as El Colombiano (whose picture we’ve used for as this post’s header).



As bloggers it fills us with excitement and enthusiasm every time someone effectively uses travel blogging as an honest and entertaining tool to talk peer to peer with potential visitors to a destination. So congratulations to Medellín – not for nothing the most innovative city in the world – for this iniciative.

What do they think then, our Spaniard, Peruvian an Argentinian about Medllín? Here’s a few of their posts:



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