Feb 26

We’re nominated for the 2013 Bloggie Award!

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A few weeks ago we asked our readers to help us getting nominated so we could spread the good word about Colombia to an even wider audience , and now  the whole Colombia Travel Blog Team feels honored to be in the running for a 2013 Bloggie Award in the category Best Latin America Blog!! Thank you all!!!

Will a 100% Colombia Travel related blog win for the first time? That’s up to you!


See Colombia Travel Blog Bloggies
That’s us! Second from left to right ( position changes every time)


We would be very grateful if those of you who enjoy this blog would take a minute and grant us your vote! It’s simple: click on this link HERE and scroll down  until you see the categories appear. The Best Latin America Weblog  category  is the 5th from the top and then you enter your email address (and CAPTCHA) at the very bottom. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your vote and that’s it!

Voting closes March 17th and the winner is announced on the 24th. Thank you so much for your continued support! Muchas Gracias!

The Colombia Travel Blog Team

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2 thoughts on “We’re nominated for the 2013 Bloggie Award!

    Maricela Garcia on

    Awesome!! congratulations, you’ve got my vote.


      JL on

      Muchas Gracias Maricela!


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