Feb 20

Neusa: My Not-Quite-Camping Trip


As someone who despises the idea of camping (this all stems from a slightly traumatic experience I had in Chile once, but which is far too long and emotional to go into right now), I was less than pleased when some of my friends suggested we go to Neusa to camp. By a lake. In the mountains.

Our nice, warm, dry cabaña
Our nice, warm, dry cabaña

Thankfully, due to the horrendous weather we had been having prior to the weekend, it was decided that we should stay in a cabaña. Winner. So, after a four-hour trip which really should have taken just over an hour (Bogota traffic combined spectacularly with the propensity of some people to stop several thousand times en route for seemingly no reason. Oh, and the incredible ability of these specific people to completely miss some unnecessarily large road signs), and after asking what seemed like the entire population of northern Cundinamarca for directions, we arrived lakeside with a bunch of warm clothes, heaps of aguardiente and a perfunctory packet of pasta.

Meat, barbecue, rum and mountains. Good times
Meat, barbecue, rum and mountains. Good times

And we were fortunate with the weather. Before the sun went down, we had some time to bask in its glorious rays with a mind-blowing view of the lake. Sure, it got chilly, but nothing a stupid hat or some earmuffs couldn’t sort out. Every so often, we would stare down at the lake, chuckle at those who were freezing their nads off in a tent and smugly wander back to the nice fire we had started on the terrace.

Now, it’s not for me to say who should do what with their time and I am fully aware that there are plenty of people who enjoy camping. For those people, I am positive that Neusa would be a great place to spend a couple of days. There is nothing there. No shops, no restaurants, just a freezing reservoir. But you are assured peace and quiet (unless you can hear the rowdy Brits up the hill), beautiful scenery and, perhaps most importantly for those coming from Bogota, some nice, clean air.

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    katherine Infante on

    I have had the opportunity to be in this wonderful place and I can add that it is a place to enjoy with all the family and friends is perfect for rest, be calm, relaxed. It is important to know what to bring plenty of food, warm clothes and especially the best attitude to enjoy the neusa.


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