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By JL Pastor & See Colombia Travel

Oct 19

Cafes in Bogotá – Casa 53*76

You just never know what you’re going to find while walking around the streets of Bogotá, do you? One minute you get a waft of arepa de chocolo from a lady behind a grill perched on the side of the road and then BAM, out of nowhere, there are Tudor-style houses and English pubs. Well last week, as Paul and I were taking in the sites of Bogotá in search of coffee and Wifi, we came across this cute little café called Casa 53*76 in Chapinero.

Casa 53*76, Chapinero

Casa 53*76, Chapinero

We had some official See Colombia Travel work to do so we popped in for a hot choco and some food. If you’re learning Spanish numbers, then pay a visit to Casa and ask for their Wifi code. It took me a good few goes to get the clave right! Was that doce or dos? Cero seitenta seis or cero seisenta seis? In the end the waiter just showed me his mobile, where the password was typed. Easy.

Sandwich, salad and chips from Casa 53*76

Sandwich, salad and chips from Casa 53*76

Paul had already eaten so it was pretty much just me pigging out, as usual. I had a chicken sandwich with some creamy garlic sauce and a hot chocolate. I think the choco was around $4,500col and the sandwich was around $16,000col but it was damned tasty and the sandwich came with a mountain of paprika-sprinkled chips.

Tienda RE, Chapinero

Tienda RE, Chapinero

After we finished lunch we got our hipster on across the road at Tienda RE which is a gorgeous little shop which stocks unique designs by the likes of Clavelito, Venami, La Ropola, Joyas Blandas and Dear Maria as well as many many others.

Cute designs at Tienda RE

Cute designs at Tienda RE

I found it really difficult to leave this place without buying anything. A purple rabbit pot plant? How can I not have this in my life? No doubt I will be back soon for hot chocolate, a lesson in Spanish numbers and this adorable bunny.

So much cute!

So much cute!

Casa 53*76
Cra 6 #53-76
Ph:  2102208

Open until 11 most nights, open til 3am Fridays and Saturdays

Tienda RE
Cra 6 # 53-51



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