Oct 11

Bogotá Restaurant, Cafe de la Montaña

There is something special about climbing a mountain and reaching its peak. Whether it takes months of preparation or is just a relaxed hike on the weekend, there is a sense of accomplishment and connection when you look out at the landscape in front of you and get that I did it feeling.

Then you make your way back down, after the effort and energy you have put into the climb has dissipated, and you decide to settle in somewhere to refuel and talk about the adventures you’ve just had. It it was this experience of taking refuge and shelter and chatting with fellow trekkers after a climb that was the inspiration for Mauricio and Francisco, who created Café de la Montaña back in 1982.

It is a restaurant, but upon walking in you feel like you have just come back from a climb or a trekking expedition. You’re not here just to eat, you’re here to talk about your adventures and to share stories.

Cafe de la Montaña, Bogotá
Cafe de la Montaña, Bogotá

Hiking boots, climbing photos and posters signed by important climbers decorate the quiet and dimly-lit restaurant, adding to the authentic feel of the place. A pair of boots sit near the door as if someone has just taken them off.

During the day the café is quiet and light, with students and couples hanging out over Chocolate Santafereño ($13,900). At night, it’s buzzing with groups of friends, families, dinner parties. Cafe de la Montaña and their sister restaurant Cafe and Crepe’s specialize in crepes and they’re deliciously simple and a good size. I had a spinach and asparagus  crepe ($19,000) and a hot chocolate ($4,400).

A cozy corner, Cafe de la Montaña
A cozy corner, Cafe de la Montaña

So where is it? Well, there’s Café de Montaña’s Carrera Diagonal 108A N° 8-11 ph: 214 5312 or there’s Cafe and Crepes on Carrera 16 N82-17 ph: 236 2688. And you don’t have to have come back from a big day of climbing to appreciate the look and feel of these places, but it does make you want to get out there and start exploring. If you get inspired, there’s a climbing gear shop across the road from the café on Diagonal 108A. Pick up some gear, buy a guidebook of Suesca and get climbing in Colombia. Have fun!



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