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Oct 17

Events in Colombia: Bogotá Film Festival 2012

Festival de Cine de Bogotá

Festival de Cine de Bogotá

Bogotá has been putting on its own film festival since way back in 1984 and last night I got the chance to check out this year’s celebration of world cinema. I went and saw Reverón, at Avenida de Chile Cinema, which is a film directed by Diego Rísquez about famed Venezuelan artist Armando Reverón. The film follows Armando’s eccentric and reclusive life between 1924 and 1954 and the subtle love story between him and Juanita – his muse, his friend and ultimately his only companion.

Armando and Juanita live on the shores of the Caribbean together but when Juanita threatens to leave Armando after being sick and tired of him painting the local women nude, the artist creates his own life-sized dolls to keep him company. The film sees Armando’s  progression into the depths of his own mind and made-up reality which, of course, can only end badly.

The score lends itself to the Caribbean setting of the story, ultimately light, pure and sometimes tumultuous  not unlike the sea and swaying palms that inspire Armando. Singer Devendra Banhart, who was raised in Venezuela, offers his resonant vocals to the soundtrack too. A beautiful film, be sure to read more about it here.

Bogotá Film Festival ends this Thursday, so be sure to pay it a visit while you have a chance.

Sarah with Director Diego Rísquez

Sarah with Director Diego Rísquez

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