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Sep 05

The Unstoppable and Amazing City of Medellin – A Blogtrip Photo Essay

If you’re a regular reader of our Colombia Travel blog you’ll know that one of our missions in life is to tell the world how amazing Colombia is, and that also involves trying to change some of the naive streotypes that sadly persist about the country.

We have talked about Medellin many times before; not only because it is one of our favorite cities in Colombia, nor just because we have many emotional bonds here, but because it is still widely associated by non-travel related people with violence, drugs and Pablo Escobar‘s reign of terror. That time moves further and further into the history books every day. Today Medellin is actually one of the cleanest, warmest, most organized and welcoming cities not only in Colombia, but in the whole of Latin America.

That’s why we were so happy when the Medellin Travel and Convention Bureau invited us to a 7 day blogtrip in order to get to know the city and its surroundings better. Here’s just a sneak peak of 25 photos… We took much more. Many posts will follow over the next few weeks.

That's me and my baby daughter at Santa Fe de Antioquia - Marce and I will soon start a "Colombia Family Travel" series :)

Obviously, Medellin's Plaza Mayor

The Metrocable, an amazing link of the city's integration strategy

The Biblioteca España , we had the chance to get to know it from the inside for the first time and were very impressed about how the community lively participates in all its activities.

A view from the inside of Biblioteca España

...and from the comunas after a 20 minute Metrocable ride you can take a surprising trip to a Natural Park (Arvi) while "flying" on top of native forests.

We also took a short tour to Santa Elena where we learned about the silleteros culture

Marce showing her silletera skills

Just some extreme sporting at Arvi Natural Park

T-Rex at Explora, one of the many parks in Medellin

The Planetarium, right across the street form Explora and the Botanical Garden

The Aquarium at Explora

The Famous Plaza Botero

Did you know there's a French castle in Medellin?


Medellin's fasion street : Via Primavera

Yup.... Via Primavera Street


The Castle's courtyard

Amazing Landscape on the way from Medellin to Jardin - Cerro Tusa

Jardin rivals Barichara, Guane, Villa de Leyva and Salento for the "most beautiful town in Colombia" title


Mariela's store at Jardin - Delicious Arequipe!

Mariela's store at Jardin - Delicious Arequipe!

We have been on TV a lot this year ... CCTV, NBC, RCN, Univision ... and now Teleantioquia too :)

A coffe farm close to Santa Helena

The farm owner showing the whole coffee process

The final product: delicious Colombian coffee

The whole team at Bijao during our last night in Medellin - definitely in our list of favorite Colombian Restaurants


Un Abrazo


Thanks for visiting our Colombia Travel Blog. If you want to learn more about coming to Colombia please check out our Colombia tours.

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Thanks for visiting our Colombia Travel Blog. If you want to learn more about coming to Colombia please check out our Colombia tours. Remember you can CHAT WITH US at any time. Follow us on Twitter, and be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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