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Time to Get Delicious: Paul’s Top 10 Restaurants in Bogotá

What do you get when you take a country with a selection of natural ingredients among the best in the world and mix it with an increasingly cosmopolitan cultural scene? Why, the exciting and developing world of Bogotá gastronomy.

If you travel to Bogotá you’ll find a wealth of surprising options. Indian? Of course. Chinese? Check. Japanese? Por supuesto. Serbian? You betcha. The list is impressive, surprising and abundant. Here I’m picking my ten favourites, which was surprisingly hard to whittle down, but such is the life of a list-loving blogger.

Please note they’re in no order at all, I’m just not that decisive.

1. Wok

Wok in Parque 93
Wok in Parque 93

Wok is pretty much my go to restaurant when people come to visit. A delicious fusion of Asian-influence, it’s affordable but never compromises on quality. Their sushi is probably the most expensive option you can go for, but it is to die for.

2. Crepes & Waffles

No surprises here. Like Wok, Crepes & Waffles is a safe bet if you’re looking for a tasty meal that doesn’t break the bank. I highly recommend the Panne Cook. It’s basically a big ball of bread with meat and sauce inside, and to me that’s pretty much awesome.

3. La Hamburgueseria

La Hamburgueseria`s logo
La Hamburgueseria`s logo

There’s a small debate between me and myself when people come to visit and they fancy a burger. On the one side, there’s La Hamburgueseria, which specialises in gourmet burgers and does the best blue cheese I’ve had this side of Europe. But still, if you’re in the mood for a sloppier, altogether more unhealthy burger then you should head to…

4. El Corral

…El Corral. More of a fast food joint than La Hamburgueseria, and sometimes you’re not after the sit-down type burger. Huge, reasonably priced, very sloppy and extremely delicious. Why waste money at McDonalds?

5. Wilder’s Pizza

Wilders - worth the search
Wilders – worth the search

Ah, Wilder’s, what memories we have. When I lived in La Macarena, Wilder’s was pretty much a daily meal for me. With pizza slices costing under $3,000 (and big enough to be an entire meal), you can’t go wrong if you want to save money. Their whole pizzas are pretty incredible too, including ‘La Burburata’, which is a Carbonara pizza. You’ll find them on Kr 4 # 26.

6. Masa

Masa - All kinds of delicious
Masa – All kinds of delicious (photo courtesy of

Recalling New York, Masa is all about high ceilings, spacious surroundings and chic décor. Finding a good sandwich isn’t easy in South America, but in Masa they’ve got you covered. Everything on the menu is delicious, affordable and high quality so if you’re in Zona G looking for some lunch, this is the place to go.

7. Nick’s

And speaking of sandwiches, another great option is Nick’s, which is hidden away on Calle 79a with Kr. 9. Great, English-speaking service combined with a cool ambience and some of the best salads and sandwiches in Bogotá makes this a must-visit lunch spot.

8. Tapas Macarena

Of the 427 restaurants in Bogotá rated on TripAdvisor, Tapas Macarena tops the lot. Why? Quality, quality, quality. Tapas Macarena isn’t as cheap as other options, but by no means will you be breaking the bank with a visit. The atmosphere and decoration are superb, creating a romantic and distinctly Spanish feel. Great option.

9. Andres Carne de Res

One third club, one third performance/gallery, one third restaurant, Andres Carne de Res is like nothing you’ve seen before. Bursting with energy, it is one of Bogotá’s must-do experiences and, despite being difficult to organise, should not be missed by any food-loving reveller that visits the city.

10. Pan de Nobles Express, Bogota. Kr 8, Calle 61

In the rapidly up-and-coming Chapinero is Pan de Nobles Express. There’s no question that Colombians are very fond of meat, but it is possible in Bogotá to gorge on some pretty outstanding vegetarian food, and at Pan de Nobles Express (Kr. 8 # 61) you’ll find some of the tastiest veggie burgers around. So good, in fact, that our man Chris once drunkenly ate one and proceeded to tell everyone it was the best burger he’d ever tried. It took a second visit for him to realise he was eating vegan. It didn’t convert him, but he does keep going back there.


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