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May 28

Don’t like Sundays? Our top tips on how to enjoy a Sunday in Bogotá

So it’s Monday morning. Everyone hates Mondays right? Especially after the inevitable lazy Sunday spent trying to watch online movies through one bloodshot eye, drinking copious amounts of water in a fruitless attempt to shake off that killer guaro hangover…

No chance! Bogotá is not a city that lends itself to a quiet Sunday in bed; there are far too many fun and interesting things going on in Colombia’s capital to waste your time on rest and relaxation. So here are some ideas for what you can get up to on a Sunday in Bogotá:

Paul and friends enjoying a gigantic yucca in one of Bogotá’s many markets

Visit a market

Bogotá is full of fantastic markets, from flea markets selling old coins, books and the occasional knuckleduster (true story…), to upmarket options trading in fine artisanal handicrafts: why not take one Sunday and try to visit a few of them? Usaquen market is set in a lovely historical suburb of Bogotá and it’s market is one of the city’s most visited: selling beautiful woven hammocks and bags amongst many other fine quality products, Usaquen is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday (bring plently of cash though, it’s not cut-price). Alternatively, a cheaper and perhaps more interesting option is San Alejo flea market ( Cra. 7 between Calles 24 & 26): it’s very rewarding to pick through all of the “junk” products on sale and find a real gem – on my last visit I picked up a rather dashing vintage pipe!

The view that awaits fitness fanatics who hike up Monserrate (photo: Tijs Zwinkels)

The view that awaits fitness fanatics who hike up Monserrate (photo: Tijs Zwinkels)

Get some exercise

As we pointed out last week, Bogotá is a great city for getting outside and working those aching muscles. The ciclovia allows you to see some of the city free of cars, Parque Simon Bolivar is full of beautiful paths for jogging and cycling, and there is always the chance to organise a football game with some friends in one of the may green spaces throughout the city. Or you could hike up to Monserrate for a Sunday church service and panoramic vistas of the city.

Relics in the Gold Museum

Relics in the Gold Museum

Visit the Gold Museum

Despite being full to bursting with world-class museums, the title of crème-de-la-crème must surely go to the Museo del Oro, or Gold Museum; a spectacular collection of gold artefacts which also serves to document Colombia’s rich Pre-Columbian heritage. The best part: it’s free on a Sunday! This allows all of Bogotá’s citizens the great opportunity to visit the museum. Beware: it’s busier, but not so much so as to be uncomfortable, and it’s a nice chance to share some of Colombia’s history with Colombians as well as tourists.

Laguna de Guatavita

Laguna de Guatavita

Go on a day trip

There are so many amazing destinations a matter of hours away from the noise of Bogotá that even a month of Sundays might not be enough to visit them all. However, highlights include the salt cathedral at Zipaquirá, a unique and fascinating tourist attraction; Lake Guatavita, the birthplace of the legend of El Dorado; Suesca, a mecca for local hikers and climbers; and many more. Those with vehicular assistance can head to tierra caliente, and soak up some of the sun which is often lacking in Bogotá – towns such as Melgar and La Mesa are popular with Bogotá weekenders and make for a nice break from the chilly altitudinous airs of the capital.

So there you go: some great ideas for how to enjoy next Sunday fruitfully instead of horizontally. Enjoy!


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