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By JL Pastor & See Colombia Travel

Apr 13

On the Road: Renting a Car in Colombia

The open road in Tatacoa Desert

The open road in Tatacoa Desert

When you arrive to Bogota, embarking on your vacation in Colombia, it could be easy to dismiss the idea of renting a car in Colombia as quickly as your first encounter with a taxi to your hotel. Taxis, buses and some cars skid around the streets with little regard for any resemblence of rules of the road.

It’d be a shame, however, to miss out on the experience of driving around this incredible country. Navigating the winding roads through tree-laden mountain-scapes is one of my highlights in Colombia (but then, I’m a big fan of driving), and catching the open road in an area like Los Llanos is equally unforgettable. We just returned from a trip from Bogota to Tatacoa Desert, which took around 6 hours in car. We had a great road rip – even though we broke down on the way back. Fortunately the service we used was quick and professional.

Getting picked up half way home

Getting picked up half way home

Colombia’s diverse landscapes make for great scenery on your drive. If you’re worried about safety then rest assured – between the primary tourist routes you’ll find nothing to worry about.

Driving in cities, as you may have gathered, can be tricky but so long as you’re sensible, confident and capable you shouldn’t have too many troubles. Just be aware of erratic lane changing tendencies among buses and taxis, and keep your distance.

View of Tatacoa as we drove past

View of Tatacoa as we drove past

Renting a car in Colombia should cost around $150,000 ($80US) per day, so it’s a great option if you’re a small gang. It works out cheaper, you can stop wherever you want to take photos, and you’ll always remember your road trip in Colombia.

We rented a car from Rayther – English is spoken. If you need any tips on renting a car in Colombia, don’t hesitate to get in touch with See Colombia Travel.


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