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Sep 16

Colombia’s Diversity: Cocora Valley

People often ask me what my favourite destination in Colombia is. The enchanting cobble-stone streets of Cartagena? The bustling dizziness of Bogotá? The modern Medellín? The beautiful beaches of Tayrona? I love all these places but for me the most breathtaking place I’ve been to in Colombia is Cocora Valley.

Cocora Valley

The stunning vistas in Cocora Valley

Why Cocora Valley? First and foremost because Colombia is the only place in the world where you’ll see scenery like this. Even without the national tree, the wax palm, the scenery would be stunning. Rolling, verdant hills as far as the eye can see with clouds clinging moodily to their peaks. The wax palms send the whole area out of this world, though. Eerily looming over the entire landscape, these trees have to be seen to be believed (seriously, I’m not usually this passionate about trees).

Cocora Valley

The rolling hills of the valley

Cocora Valley is a great day trip if you’re visiting the Coffee Region. From Salento you can grab a Willy (a jeep) with your friends and get a lift to the edge of the valley. It should cost around $5,000 per person, but prices are negotiable. If you’re staying in Salento, we recommend The Plantation House hostel, where you can take a cheap tour of a local coffee farm, too.

Cocora Valley

The wax palm tree

If you’re coming, be sure to make a special place for Cocora Valley on your Colombia vacation. It’s one of the most spectacular places I’ve been to and, yet, remains unheard of by many. Not only is it a photographer’s dream, you can also eat a pretty delicious trout from the nearby restaurants, too. Not to be missed.


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