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Welcome to our collaborative Colombia Travel Blog, voted best blog of the Americas in 2014.

The Colombia Travel Blog, one of the most visited travel blogs about Colombia in english and spanish (puedes leernos en español aquí ) , was created to smash the widespread and long outdated stereotypes about this astonishing country. Our team of international travelers are passionate about sharing their fresh perspectives about traveling and living in Colombia, traveling around the world and keeping you up to date with what you're missing by not being here.

Meet the Colombia Travel Blog team

Estrella Fluvial del Sur Atabapo River

  Guainia department, bordering Venezuela in the lush jungles of eastern Colombia, is home to many stunning natural and cultural attractions. Second perhaps only to the incomparable beauty of the Cerros de Mavecure is the Estrella Fluvial del Sur and the beaches of the Atabapo River, on the border between Guainia, Vichada and Venezuela… This meeting point […]

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Viaje al Salvador

No hago listas de cuantos países he visitado, no es algo que me obsesione particularmente porque no tengo como objetivo, como algunos de mis colegas travel bloggers,  un número particular de territorios que ver antes de que me toque colgar la mochila de este plano existencial, sin embargo matando el tiempo  durante el vuelo hacia […]

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez Colombia Quiz

Make sure to take our other Colombia Quizzes to test your Colombia knowledge: Personality Quiz: Which Iconic Colombian Are You? Name that Colombian Fruit! How much do you know about legendary Colombian Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez? Have you read his books, biographies, our 87 Facts about Gabo blog post!? Even all of that might […]

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