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Colombia Travel Blog

By JL Pastor & See Colombia Travel

Colombia Travel Blog by See Colombia Travel

Welcome to our collaborative Colombia Travel Blog, voted best blog of the Americas in 2014.

The Colombia Travel Blog, the most visited travel blog about Colombia in english and spanish (puedes leernos en español aquí ) , was created to smash the widespread and long outdated stereotypes about this astonishing country. Our team of international travelers are passionate about sharing their fresh perspectives about traveling and living in Colombia, traveling around the world and keeping you up to date with what you're missing by not being here.

Meet the Colombia Travel Blog team

Trampoline of Death Colombia

  ‘The End of the World‘, ‘Gateway to the Amazon‘…’The Trampoline of Death’; Mocoa does produce some dramatic names, doesn’t it?! But whilst the Trampoline of Death conjures up images of some nightmarish, dystopian children’s birthday party gone awry, it is in fact the ‘affectionate’ (but not so much) nickname given to the road that [...]

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